Movements performed on a Whole Body Vibration (WBV) oscillating platform have been shown to be four times more effective than equivalent exercises performed on a stationary surface. When standing on the platform of a WBV machine, the body experiences vertical oscillating vibrations -¬† a side-alternating rocking movement. The energy from¬† the oscillating vibrations is safely transferred without impact, deeply stimulating the cells of the body’s muscle, bone and soft tissue. Because the amplitude and intensity of the vibration can be controlled, WBV is intended for users of all types and all fitness levels.

WBV activates an average of 97% of all muscle groups and produces up to 30 involuntary reflexes per second, all of which results in the burning of fat and the building of muscle. There is no stress on the joints, ligaments or tendons compared to other resistance training. The result is more benefit in less time.



Company History

ZAAZ STUDIOS was founded in 2010 as the first whole body vibration studio franchise system in the US. Our first studio, located in downtown Houston, TX, was an immediate success as we introduced the public to a new way to reach their fitness and wellness goals in just a 10-minute workout. As we’ve added locations we’ve also expanded the services, products, and technology we offer to make ZAAZ STUDIOS the preeminent concept for alternative exercise, aesthetics, and motion therapy.

Founders and Owners

Ian Cruickshank and Lee Novack

Management Team

Timothy Gee: Chief Financial Officer
Josh Cruickshank: Chief Revenue Officer
Michael Fox: Chief Technology Officer
Jeremy Perrotta: GM, ZAAZ Studios (Corporate)
Gina Arellano: GM, ZAAZ Beauty