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The Power Plate is a brand of WBV machine that delivers “horizontal” vibration to the user.  Horizontal vibration is different from the vertical, oscillating vibration of our machines because it is not delivering movement, it just delivers vibration.  These machines are primarily for fitness and acceleration training and do not carry the same range of health and wellness benefits as ZAAZ WBV machines do. They are considerably more expensive as well, ranging from $3500 to $15000 retail.

The 15K has 70 speeds and 8 programs that change speed every 60 seconds while the 20K has 99 speeds and 8 programs that change speed every 30 seconds.  The 20K is the latest technology and features an estimated calorie counter and step counter, a pulse estimator, and a weight stabilizer that accounts for the varied weight loads of different users and adjusts to maintain the same intensity at each speed.  The 20K has a motor that is 7%-10% stronger.

Our WBV machines are the highest quality for the price that exist on the market.  The only comparable technology is over twice the price and does not carry the same warranty as ours does.  While ZAAZ machines are engineered to deliver a high concentration of movement and wide range of benefits, other machines lack the same strength of motor, speed or intensity. Furthermore, poorly engineered machines can actually harm the body, creating damage instead of benefits.

Every machine has a 1-year warranty on the motor and all other parts, and 1-year on labor.

If you ever have any issue with your machine you just call our customer service line at 855-LOVE-ZAAZ and we will be glad to.  We have local service available in many major markets, including all of those in which we have sales locations.   Our technicians will come to your residence directly to service your machine.  They are always equipped to resolve any issue that comes up but in the case that they can’t resolve it to your satisfaction on-site then they will exchange your machine for a new one.  However, if you live in a location where we do not have local service then the necessary parts will be sent you free of charge and a technician will be available by phone to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of changing them out.  We do not expect our customers to fix their machines, only exchange parts in accordance with the same process as the initial assembly.  If you have a problem with the console we will send you a new console, not parts to fix your console.  If you have a problem with your base we will send you a new base.  We do require customers to ship us back the defective parts but that can be done in the same packing as the new parts arrive in and at our expense, not theirs.

The footprint of the machine is approximately 24” x 30”.  The height is about 54”

Both models weigh about the same: 110 pounds.

ZAAZ machines run on regular 110-power from a normal outlet and are 4-amp machines.

Yes. One of the most attractive features of the ZAAZ WBV machines is that the user can control not only the speed but also the intensity of the machine.  By moving your feet from closer together to further apart you control the amplitude, the distance your feet travel vertically, and thus the intensity of the vibration and movement.

Yes, though they should always be supervised by an adult.  The use of the ZAAZ machines can be instrumental in countering child obesity, hyperactivity, can help build strong muscles and help heighten athletic performance.  Minors should be started on the machine at lower speeds and programs and work their way up.

Hard, flat surfaces are best suited for the machines.  Plush carpet or carpet with soft padding may not provide a stable enough surface for the machine.  If the machine is not on a stable surface it can result in excessive shaking at high speeds.

The maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds.

The use of WBV machines is not recommended for pregnant women.  There has not been sufficient research done to determine its safety during pregnancy.  It can however, be highly effective in helping women regain their desired physique after giving birth.

Generally speaking, if you are healthy enough to walk you are healthy enough to use WBV.  However, if you are under the care of a physician or undergoing treatment for any physical or medical condition you should be extremely conservative in regards to the physical activity or exercise you get and be sure to not push yourself to any extreme.  Consulting your physician is highly recommended.

Yes. There are several ways to target those areas, loosen up and massage the muscles in the back.  One way is to do slow repetitions on higher speeds (40-60) from a standing position to a deep skiing position and back up, bringing your arms up high behind you when you’re down.  Remember to always keep your legs straight.  Another great way to target the back is to sit on the machine with your back very straight.

Weight loss varies by degree from person to person but what is extremely common is to drop inches and dress sizes as your body tones and firms.

You will see results within a few weeks of steady use, if not sooner.

Yes, there has been extensive research done by government agencies, over 30 major universities, medical professionals, and private clinical studies on the effects and benefits of whole body vibration.  Many of these studies can be referenced on the website.

It is not recommended to use Whole Body Vibration more than 40 minutes per day at a maximum of 12 minutes per session with at least 45 minute intervals between each session.  Use of WBV at least seven to ten sessions per week at 10 minutes each produces optimal results.

The correct way to stand on the machine is simply in an upright, comfortable position with your head facing straight and forward and knees straight. Never lock or bend the knees unless lifting weights (slight bend) or doing squats.

Customers frequently report heightened energy levels almost immediately.  This can be very effective in mood stabilization and a heightened sense of well-being as well.

All sales are final.  Any return for any reason will result in a restocking fee of 20% of the purchase price.

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