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Absolutely. From NASA to professional sports teams to chiropractors and physiotherapists, WBV is accepted and used throughout the world in a variety of settings. Its proven benefits are detailed in numerous medical journals and research studies worldwide.

When exercising with WBV one to two sessions per day and following ZAAZ's basic exercises, you should expect to see a noticeable difference within 1 month. At ZAAZ, we suggest measuring your results not just in weight loss but in loss of size. Because toning your body burns fat and builds muscle, results are often most visible in a reduction of inches and clothing sizes. Members have reported losing multiple sizes off their clothing and a change in the shape of their body from WBV alone.

Exact calorie loss is difficult to accurately measure, but a 10-minute WBV session can burn approximately 100-250 calories. This can increase by intensifying the activity on the machine.

Whole Body Vibration can be used no more that 40 minutes per day. A minimum 45 minute interval in suggested between sessions. Use of WBV at least seven to ten sessions per week at 10 minutes each produces optimal results.

In most cases, use of WBV machines is a no-sweat workout that can be done in any attire. If you add exercise and engage in a more agressive workout, you may cause an increase in body temperature and metabolism.

WBV can complement any physical activity or exercise regimen and provides unique benefits that are difficult to achieve in any other way. For people who do not exercise at all, using WBV seven to ten sessions per week can provide a fundamental level of activity their body needs and can provide many of the benefits that traditional exercise does.

Standing on a ZAAZ vibration plate stimulates all parts of the body, engaging up 97% of your muscle groups and causing up to 30 muscle contractions per second. Research shows that WBV can significantly improve strength, firm and tone the body and help with mobility, flexibility and posture.

The correct way to stand on the machine is simply in an upright, comfortable position with your head facing straight and forward and knees straight. Never lock or bend the knees unless lifting weights (slight bend) or doing squats.

For at least 2 minutes of your session, squeeze and tuck in the abdomen and the glutes. You can also try the ski position, and pivoting your upper body 90 degrees on each side and holding it with your arms up and outward.

Come as you are, no special attire is required to enjoy the benefits of Whole Body Vibration.

Yes, each ZAAZ Studios location is also a showroom offering customers the opportunity to purchase their very own WBV machine for home use. Many models are available to choose from and delivery and assembly is available.

Yes, ZAAZ Studios offers convenient EZIPAY financing that bills directly to a credit or debit card with a small down payment and low monthly installments.

Yes. WBV is an excellent, stimulating source of exercise and activity for individuals whose physical activity options are limited by disabilities. ZAAZ Studios provides services to help all of our customers to maximize the benefits our studios offer. Please contact us should you need special assistance, we are always happy to help.

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