Select your program, plant your feet, take hold of ergonomic rubberized grips and experience the future of Whole Body Vibration on the ZAAZ 15K. Powerful in its construction, quiet in its operation and cutting-edge in its technological achievements, the ZAAZ 15K cradles you in an effective workout, punctuated by sophistication and style. Seventy unique speed adjustments ensure sessions that are comfortable for you while providing well-segmented intensity to lightly increase your workout. The result? A faster path to achieving your goals.

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The ZAAZ 20K is a step up in power and effectiveness, purring from its strong and smooth motor. A masterpiece of engineering, the 20K features a pulse reader, calorie counter, step counter and our signature handlebar design. Not to be outdone in innovation or performance, the 20K automatically adjusts for varying weight loads and offers 99 unique speed adjustments and 8 pre-set programs. For those who will settle for nothing but the best, we present to you the ZAAZ 20K.

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  ZAAZ 50K

The ZAAZ 50K is the first machine in the world to combine aerobic exercise and Whole Body Vibration. The ZAAZ 50K features 12 workout programs, each with 20 exercises that display on the HD Digital Console’s screen. The exercises appear on the LCD screen for 36 seconds each, and demonstrate targeted workout poses for the user to mimic. Exercises can be done with weights or with ZAAZ Adjustable Power Bands for added resistance. Each workout program runs for a total of 12 minutes- enough to give you a complete Whole Body Vibration workout! There are also 11 preset programs that provide you with varying vibration frequencies for therapy and massage as well as illustrated interval diagrams for Max Interval Training. When combining Aerobic Exercise with Whole Body Vibration, your body exerts more effort and your heart rate stays up. You’ll see amplified results, and you’ll see them sooner! With continued Aerobic Exercise, you’ll strengthen your lungs & your heart, lower your cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure, and elevate your mood.


We call the ZAAZ Infrared Sauna the “Ten Minute Vacation.” Deeply soothing, profoundly relaxing, and entirely satisfying, many customers compare the feeling of stepping out of our sauna to having spent a day on the beach in the tropics. One thing we can say for sure: the ZAAZ Infrared Sauna allows you to experience the soothing heat of a traditional sauna without the humidity and sweat, meaning a change of clothes is not even necessary. Unlike a normal single heat source sauna, infrared heating panels perfectly distribute safe infrared rays to heat the body from the inside, without heating the air in between.